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I provide a nurturing environment into which we bring our curiosity about you.


My approach employs multiple tools so we can discover which ones feel right: traditional talk therapy, holistic body-based awareness, behavior-changing tasks, or depth approaches such as dream work.


For couples, relationships, and families, additional tools include broadening communication skills and clarifying interactional patterns. 

How do you craft the story of your life?

We all have stories or patterns that we learned as children, or developed as we grew up.


What stories support your vision?

("I have a healthy relationship," "I am successful in my career," "I am a good parent.") 

What other stories might hinder you?

("I will never be enough," "it is my fault.")

Sometimes we may not even hear the stories we tell ourselves, but only feel that something is holding us back. Uncovering that, and crafting the right stories, is key to achieving your goals. We start by finding where contentment or joy may lie for you, strive to understand any obstacles, and discover your strengths to step past them. 


Finally, because past experiences feed into our social interactions, the inclusion of current trauma science can deepen our work together. I am trained in the Trauma Resiliency Model (CRM and TRM1), am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, and I practice mindfulness-based EMDR.

What stands between you and the life you want to live?

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